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In an Age of many distractions and noises, cultivating authentic and deep connection is a challenge. Adults and children are disconnected from their true self and beloved ones, and disengaged in their schools and workplaces. We believe playfulness is our way back to ourselves, our beloved ones, and our education and passion. It is our natural way to reclaim and cultivate true conversations and deep connection. Play is more than just fun; neuroscience states the benefit of play clearly in a significant body of research. One example is how Dr. Pellis explains the power of play. He stated that play builds neuron connections that prepare us for school work, for love and for facing complex social interactions. Therefore, as enterprise we focus on offering a unique playful experience through our products.

Our Values

we create wow customer experience.
We act with kindness and make it a daily choice to spread gratitude
We aspire to excwe enjoys the process of ideating, prototyping, building, re-creating, and makingel and accept our mistakes, faults, and shortcomings
we enjoys the process of ideating, prototyping, building, re-creating, and making
We work like a team player and care like a family member.
we seek learning from experiences and experts.
To be creative and take risk.
We choose joy and joy in everything we do

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